"Your classes were superb, Rosemary and I know that my 'classmates' were as delighted as I was with them. You gave us 110% of your energy and wisdom and I looked forward to class every week. Thanks very much for your 'lying down' tape and for all the hard work you put into making our classes so interesting, enlightening and fun." Kay, Banking Professional.


"The Alexander lessons made more difference to my singing than the singing lessons."

"Congratulations on your achievement of 15 years teaching - I am living proof that it works having been crooked! When my alternative therapist sent me to Rosemary, I didn't understand why it was necessary. I hadn't made the connection that my injuries were caused by my poor running style and misaligned body. Hopefully that will be a thing of the past." MargaretEvents Organiser.

"It's sad that we lose our sense of how our bodies work as we get older and now I see that it doesn't have to be that way."

"I think of Rosemary as my 'Body Mechanic', someone who keeps me in good runing order. The Alexander Technique and Pilates complement each other. I no longer feel I have to 'push' myself to achieve my fitness goals." Finn, Pilates Instructor.


"You worked wonders today. Felt so much better that I didn't need a rest and seemed to get a bit of drive back."

"Months before I went to see Rosemary for Alexander Lessons, I had considered removing a slipped disc from my back. This would have been very costly, as well as painful and may not have even solved the problem. Fortunately, I didn't have to go under the knife. Now, I am back to full health with the help of Rosemary. I can even do Salsa dancing which is something I didn't think I could ever have done again".
Anna Mellerick Client & Web Designer

"After my last Alexander lesson, I went and played 5-aside football. I played BRILLIANT!"

" My tutor recommended that I have some Alexander lessons. I feel much more relaxed when I perform now. The nagging pain in my right shoulder is a thing of the past. Fellow students have commented on the improvement in my tone which is the result of a change in posture and attitude and not just practice alone." Music Student

"For the first time ever, I won the weekly round of golf I play with my best mate... straight after my Alexander lesson." 


 "I started going to Rosemary for individual lessons after I did a series of evening classes with her. I'm glad I did. The back problem that has plagued me for years has disappeared and I almost never think about it now. It certainly doesn't stop me doing anything I want to. My sister says I have the movements of a much younger person which is my favourite compliment." Miriam, Pharmacist.

"I'm really glad I kept up with my Alexander lessons. I'm still playing squash (and winning) even though I'm retired."